Collective <Mind> Initiative

You have a smart mind. Imagine a Collective of Minds!


You are smart!


Smart people know that Knowledge and Ideas overarch organisations and individuals.

The Collective<Mind> Initiative is a unique concept, forged by smart IT people spanning several areas of expertise. We help with your IT Challenges for a voluntary payment. It's like a virtual A-Team for IT.


The Collective<Mind> Initiative (or C<M> for short) can assist you in creating or reviewing software designs or code, coaching architects and developers, and more...


You have a smart mind! Reach us at: info [at] collective-mind. net.

Areas of Expertise


This is a small selection of areas in which we can help you. Check out the longer list here


  • Microservices
  • Internet of Things
  • (Hybrid) Cloud Solutions (Microsoft Azure)
  • Services Based Solutions (SOA, REST, WCF)
  • Good 'ol .NET Programming (C#, OO, .NET Framework)
  • Security (Threat Modeling, Website Security, Secure Programming)

How does it Work


The concept is simple: You submit a Challenge, we help with that and you decide what to pay.

You can read more about this here.

If you need to reach the Collective<Mind> Initiative, just contact us through email:

info [at] collective-mind. net

Did you know...


...that the relevant field experience in human years per Mind is 12 on average.


... that all our Minds are proficient in either or both Dutch and English. Since the Collective grows because Minds are added, the prefered language is English.

... that the Collective<Mind> works remotely world-wide, or in some cases on your location. Currently, such on site activities can be performed in the Netherlands.


... that you too can join the Collective

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